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Fuck the Rabids... thats all.
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Its all for fun. Don't get too serious people.
Check out my UPDATED reason i dont like bronies.  Why i dont like Bronies. Edited.Edited 6/15/2015
Ok no one seems to know why i dont like MLP or bronies, so heres an explanation.
The show is not for me, I HAVE WATCHED EVERY EPISODE OF SEASON 1 AND MANY EPISODE OF SEASON 2, and i while i cant really understand while people like it, i will try to avoid saying anything to you if you do like it. Its not more me, as it is not intended for me, it is made for children, simple as that.
I wouldnt have any problem with Bronies, if they stopped ponyfying everything. If they stopped making MLP references on things that have nothing to do with MLP. They are like Portal fans Every time cake is mentioned, someone has to say its a lie. Really stop saying it. People who are not fans of the show are all minding our own business when we see a fucking pony reference in the comments of a facebook update or a youtube comment. And dont say try to ignore it. If you are thinking about leaving a comment saying that, then you really need to take off you brony vision and look at life through

Hello again friends... or the couple of you that have not deactivated your accounts yet... I'm here again to make another update. 

Right off the bat, for people who are reading this and don't know who i am or have seen some of the past journal entries, art, or stamps, those are from years ago. I have a detailed reason for my "hate" that you can read via the link in my signature. 

For the people who know me and have had past experiences with me i just want to say... I win.

If you don't want to hear me talk about how all the "rabid" bronies tried to take me down and thrash me and how i over came them, then skip ahead. If not...

I was browsing around my account, looking at past entries and their comments, looking at my notes with bronies, and checking out the comments from the posts that (i have not used deviant art in a while i forgot how to make a icon link of someones account on this site, so i'm just going to post a link instead) , made involving me. I came to realize that after all of these years from 2012 till now, that they were all a bunch of assholes. They were saying that they are gonna hack me, im gonna get perma banned, my art is gonna get taken down, all that good shit. Now stop typing a comment... i know who you are about to type something about me growing up and shit, i wont mention a name. They were all a bunch of assholes and SO WAS I, but at least i'm still here. 90% of the "rabid" bronies that commented on anything involving me have deactivated their accounts. Now what does this prove? That i won... HA! Sorry i just wanted to say that, now to the important part. 

I understand that i was a dick. I read a journal entry that reuploaded of mine that i thankfully deleted and i just saw all the dickish shit i was saying. I saw some of the notes i sent to people and some of the earliest (first few months of my account pre-ban) comments i made brony stuff and holy shit i was a fucking asshole. Everyone saying all this bad shit about me, man they were right. The biggest problem (or benefit, depending on how you look at it) was that the things i was saying pre-ban, attracted all of the "rabid" bronies i would hate on. Many of the non "rabids" were just avoiding me which they should have. So even after i wasn't a being an asshole, people were still judging me based of of all that old shit. And honestly i dont even care about bronies anymore. Now it is deviant art and i honestly couldn't give less of a shit what people thought of me. The only reason im posting this is because im bored and about to go to sleep and i got nostalgic. 

Tl;Dr Im still alive and kicking, I've moved on from hating bronies and realized my faults. I DONT REGRET THE THINGS I HAVE DONE, I AM JUST ACKNOWLEDGING THAT I DID SOME STUPID SHIT.

I want this to be the last journal entry i make unless something comes that i feel needs to be said to the 3 of you who are still there. The last brick to this monument that is my account. 
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Ash....yeah lets go with that
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I dont like rabid bronies... So yay...

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